I would like to see more photos what type of code do I need
lambard hussain(non-registered)
That was a cool stuff in the mosaic art. I mean the first photo in that collection. All the stuffs are cool and amazing. The third picture of the art has a good colour combination. Your dedication is awesome in a sense that it has a unique approach. http://www.fashionforplay.com
Eliza Nardone Photography
Hi Peg,

Thanks so much! We are looking forward to having Maggie Lynn at the picnic too!
Peg Heron Heidel(non-registered)
Your photos are stunning! I am Maggie Lynn's mom and look forward to meeting you at the upcoming picnic :)
Looking forward to seeing the pics from the Pups picnic.
Eliza Nardone Photography
Wow thanks Noreen & Michael! That's awesome I look forward to meeting your family :)
Noreen and Michael Marshall(non-registered)
Looking forward to meeting you at the GRR picnic and having you get a group shot of our 3 new Fur Babies, Topaz, Foxy and Jack. Your pictures in your gallery are amazing.
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